Department Process Equipment



Planning Frontline InPlan Planning Software
CAM Orbotech Genesis 2000
Photo Plotters C-SUN photo plotter
Inner Layer l/L Wet Film Coater GRC-7N Automatic Wet Film Coater
6RC-7N Automatic Wet Film Coater
l/L Exposure Various manual and semi-auto exposure
DES Universal DES( Develop-Etch-Strip) Lines
AOI Orbotech Discovery, Camtek
Lamination Press Burkle, OEM, Heng-da Vacumm Presses
Drilling Mechanical Drill Hitachi, Schmoll, HanHitachi,Mitsubishi
Outer Layer PTH Automatic Desmear and Electroless Copper
O/L Exposure 5KW Manual Exposure
LDI(l/L&O/L) SM20 Laser Direct Imaging photeck
Copper Plating Automatic Panel Plating Line
Automatic Pattern Plating Line
MCP-PAL Vertical Continuous Plating Line
SES Universal SES( Strip-Etch-Tin Strip) Line
Solder Mask and Silkscreen Solder Mask Coater Horizontal Semi Automatic Coater
Argus 9524S Solder Mask Spray Coater
Exposure Various SM Exposure ORC DI,orbotech diamond8
Legend Printer Sprint 100
Fabrication Rout CNC Routers
V-Score CNC V-score
Punch Hydraulic Punch
Surface Finish Lead Free HASL Lead Free HASL
ENIG Uyemura
Immersion Silver/Tine/OSP/Hard Gold Sub-Contract
Test and QC E-Tester Fxiture Systems
Flying Probe Flying Probe Test
Reliability Testing X-section and Microscopes, Impendence Test, High-Pot,
Tg Test, Peel Strength, lonic Testing, IR Reflow, Thermal Chamber etc chrommotography